This is what I wished I'd had 25 years ago before my (adopted) children arrived from the Care System

Are you struggling to understand an adopted or foster child's actions?

Do you feel stressed, isolated and a rubbish parent who has lost control?

Do you despair when well meaning people say "all children do that"?  

Do you fear for their (and your) future?

Have you tried other parenting courses? Stickers? Negotiation? Threats? Bribes? All to no avail?

Are you a professional working with families who parent hurt and/or maltreated children?

The Challenge

The problem is that adopted and foster children have a traumatic start to life which affects their ability to bond and trust. They take a double hit. Firstly their developmental needs were not met and secondly they repeatedly had overwhelming and distressing experiences which lodged in their psyche.

They need therapeutic reparenting to undo the damage and fill in the gaps. This presents a unique leadership and parenting challenge for you, especially if no one around you understands.


Helen Oakwater and FAB Parents offers you a 30 day 100% no quibble money back guarentee if you are not fully satisfied. 

The Solution

The Trauma Triggered Behaviour Online Course offers you hope. Grounded in reality, based on sound research, proven behavioural science and leadership skills: this course offers understanding, a robust framework and fresh techniques to manage kids and yourself.  Created and delivered by Helen Oakwater, an experienced adopter, coach and author who for decades lived with children who hurt. The live workshop has received high praise throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand from parents and professionals.

The Benefits of Trauma Triggered Behaviour Online Course

  • Get a clear picture of how childhood maltreatment and neglect impacts brain functioning and is outside our conscious control. This knowledge makes sense of apparently “nonsensical” behaviour.
  • Tools for transformation.
  • Several new, simple step-by-step strategies to control your own reactions and calmly manage children’s highly challenging, emotionally charged behaviour.
  • Empower you and the child to understand how their traumatic past links to their present behaviour and influences their future life.
  • A fresh perspective on contact and social media intrusions.
  • A graphic model of child development and impact of gaps.
  • Watching the videos many times embeds the learning
  • This is not a one size fits all approach. It's a coherent framework for thinking ensuring you design a unique route map for your family, based on robust principles.

The Content of the Online Course

  • The videos from a full one day workshop filmed in front of a live audience
  • 12 modules
  • 38 lessons
  • Over 3.7  hours of professionally filmed and edited video
  • Over 4 hours of edited audio recording of a different 'advanced' workshop 
  • Exercises for you to complete and share with others including your children
  • Clear, comprehensive and extensive material from wide ranging sources
  • Several videos you can send to others to help them understand

After watching the videos and engaged in the exercises you will have a very different view of your role. You will feel more in control. More able to tolerate challenging behaviour. You will recognise what you need to change. You will have resources to share with family members, professionals and friends whose support and help you require.


Who is Helen Oakwater and why can you trust her?

Since adopting a sibling group in 1992, Helen’s quest has been to understand and transform the legacy of childhood trauma; hence her continuous learning and global travelling to study with great mentors. Her first book, Bubble Wrapped Children: How social networking is transforming the face of 21st century adoption, generated much media interest. A former teacher, now an international coach, trainer and speaker, she incorporates NLP, various coaching methods and business models into her work. She is always looking for fresh effective approaches and new ways of healing trauma.  She only incorporates methodologies she knows and trusts.  She  served 6 years as a trustee for Adoption UK, sat on 2 Local Authority adoption panels and was a member of the UK Government’s Adoption Task Force. She continues to mentor and listen to adopters, foster carers and professionals.

Helen Oakwater walks the talk and talks the walk. Explore the material on the FAB Parents website to reassure yourself you are in safe knowledgable hands. 

Why should you invest in this course

  • Because you can sample several videos before you buy the full course, so you see the high quality production and content.
  • Because you can see testimonials
  • Because it's easier and cheaper than attending a live event
  • Because you have continuous access to the material 24/7
  • Because Helen Oakwater has an international reputation for innovate, engaging effective training
  • Because you will learn material that will transform your thinking and your parenting
  • Because understanding is at the core of the material. The course answers the question "why"
  • Because you will get some "how to" and "what if" material
  • Because more strategies and skills will empower you
  • Because you deserve a more fulfilling and satisfying parenting experience
  • Because the investment is reasonable. Currently £89-79 (Which depending on the exchange rate is roughly: AUS$150; NZ$175; US$ 120; Euro 100)  Currency converter
  • Because its risk free. There is a no quibble 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

Before you click the button. This online course is designed for individual use only. If you are an organisation who wants to use this material, please contact Helen Oakwater directly. Integrity works both ways at FAB Parents.

Helen Oakwater and FAB Parents offers you a 30day 100% no quibble money back guarentee if you are not fully satisfied. 

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